This is the 10thReflections and the second issue of the JIB published by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. The world of the Journal has moved on significantly since January 2021.  As is the way, there have been further ‘learnings’ and associated changes to the website and construction of the pdfs.  In this Editorial, there is some good news on JIB’s Journal Impact Factor and the introduction of new metrics to track (and improve) the process from submission to publication.  Another less sophisticated but nevertheless interesting metric is the number of downloads a paper receives.  In this, the 129th volume of JIB, the new publishing model was a step into the unknown.  According, it’s nice to see that the first few publications in the new JIB have been found by readers and, importantly, downloaded on more than 1500 occasions.  Finally, in 2023, the abstracts of papers in JIB are changing from an open style to a prescriptive four-part model (outlined below).  As the ‘shop window’ for a publication its important that the abstract does the best job possible.


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Quain, D. (2023). Reflections. Journal of the Institute of Brewing, 129(2), 81–82.